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NQ Glazing is an authorised supplier and installer of Prowler Proof welded security doors and window screens.

Like all other Prowler Proof products, ForceField® is welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets. ForceField® insect screens are welded with robotic perfection, providing extra strength and great-looking seamless corners.

Prowler Proof products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards, as well as some even tougher international standards. These tests include simulated burglar attacks with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers, kicking and pulling.

Thanks to the way they are built, Prowler Proof products require little maintenance. Cleaning every six months - every three months in coastal or industrial regions - is all it takes.

Security products that are held together by screws or rivets can require cleaning as often as every 2-4 weeks in coastal regions.

The benefits of Prowler Proof ForceField® screens include:

  • Welded finish means no screws or rivets
  • Maximum transparency without losing security
  • Seamless corners are safer for little ones
  • Over 300 colours to choose from
  • Low maintenance screens
  • Available for almost any fitting

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